3 Reasons to Have a Portable Hot Bath

After a Long Travel: 3 Reasons to Have a Portable Hot Bath

Hot Tub In Your Garden

After taking, a long journey or a walk through the park there is nothing more relaxing than a hot shower, or is there? Actually, dipping into a hot tub outdoors is one of the most relaxing ways to relax. It combines the serenity of the outdoors with the relaxation of the water.

Things to Consider

One of the main consideration before purchasing a portable hot tub is the cost. Thanks to continued innovation, the prices of these portable hot tubs have gone down significantly. As a result, one should take their time to conduct enough research. This will ensure one gets good value for their money.

Another consideration should be why one needs the portable hot tub. For some, it is due to a pre-existing medical condition. Most people who purchase it for medical conditions is for the water massage. This usually involves a fast jet of water running by and thus massaging the body. If this is the case, one should look for one that has this features preinstalled.

The other main consideration should be the size of the portable hot tub. Size will usually depend on a number of factors such as the space available in the backyard. In addition, if one intends to take it on a camping trip, size will be of great significance. If it is too huge, it might not be very portable when going on a camping trip.

Three Major Reason to Purchase On

3 Reasons to Have a Portable Hot BathThe main reason to purchase one should be that the hot tub is a great way to relax. After a long walk in the park, there is nothing better than jumping in an outdoor hot tub. It would be a great way to relieve stress after a busy day at work. In short, this is one of the best ways to let go of one’s worry and just spend time alone reflecting on the day that was.

The other reason to buy an outdoor portable hot tub is socialization. For those who do not know what to do with their friends. A hot tub would be a great idea.

However, it would be necessary to establish some basic ground rules. For instance, a rule against spilling drinks in the hot tub is a goo idea. It might clog up the cleaning system and lead to costly repairs. Generally, providing one’s friends with an outdoor hot tub is a great way to build friendship bonds.

The other reason to purchase a portable hot tub is that it can raise the value of a home tremendously. With people trying all manner of ideas to raise their property value, a home with a portable hot tub is likely to be more attractive to home buyers. Although some would like to carry their hot tub when they move, leaving it behind could make it easier to sell the home.


It is quite clear that there are many advantages to owning a hot tub for hot bath. Best of all, they can be quite cheap. One should consider installing one just for relaxation if not anything else.

Keep Your Water Soft and Clean With a Water Softener

Keep Your Water Soft and Clean With a Water Softener


Hard water is water that contains high levels of minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and manganese. If the shampoo or soap does not form lather easily, bathtub has something like a ring, dishes are spotted and the coffee maker has build up of scale, then there are high chances that there are hard water problems in that home. As much as these minerals are naturally occurring and have minimal effects on health, they can prove to be quite problematic on plumbing fixtures and other water related appliances.

Solving hard water problems

The only solution to getting rid of hard water problems is to remove the magnesium and calcium that are in water. Although there are chemical methods to deal with this, the best and most efficient method is using water softeners. A water softener is a piece of equipment that is attached to the plumbing system in a home. Almost all water softeners apply the same principle of exchanging the minerals with a substance mostly sodium.

Types of water softeners

Keep Your Water Soft and Clean With a Water SoftenerThe most common type of water softener used is the ion-exchange unit, read more about the best water softener reviews over at http://www.watersoftenerguy.com. These are used in most of the homes since they are affordable, easy to use and can be integrated into almost any type of plumbing fixtures. However, there are other designs and technologies available and it is important to understand the differences.

Salt based ion exchange water softeners

This technology uses two tanks to cycle household water. One tank is fitted with special resin beads and the other tank is filled with brine. It applies the principle of ion exchange. The water is softened through substitution of hard minerals with salt.

Salt free water softeners

Instead of using sodium, these water softeners regenerate using a substitute of potassium chloride salt. People worried about salt intake should opt for these water softeners. It is not a typical water softener but more of a descaler. It prevents hard water minerals from depositing as scale to water related appliances. However, it is not a very effective method as compared to conventional water softeners.

Dual tank water softeners

Keep Your Water Soft and Clean With a Water SoftenerWhen recharging a water softener, it disconnects from the system of water to the house. Therefore, no water is processed at this time. These processes are normally set to happen at night when there is very minimal usage of water. If soft water is required during the regeneration period, then it can become a problem. Large families or people living in areas with high concentration of hard water should consider investing in a dual tank unit of water softening. This has two resin tanks. These tanks ensure that water softening is happening round the clock and there can be no shortage of soft water.

Magnetic water softeners

Also called descalers, this is a plug in device that is attached onto the pipe supplying the household from the municipal water. It works through creation of an electro-magnetic field on the calcium carbonate minerals. When this happens, they repel each other and the pipes. Therefore, there will be no build up of scale in the plumbing fixtures.


A water softener will help to keep water soft and clean. There will be no damage to the water related appliances or build up of scale. A person should therefore choose the most appropriate depending on their demand for clean and soft water.

The Night Sky With a Telescope In October

The Night Sky With a Telescope In October


The night sky has a lot to offer stargazers. It becomes even better when one has a telescope. Depending on how powerful one’s telescope is (learn about telescopes here), a lot more of the night sky can be revealed than is seen with a naked eye.

Points to Consider

The point to remember before attempting to view the night is light interference. Light can significantly reduce the night sky that is visible even with a telescope, and this astronomy blog does a good job of doing telescope reviews that make sense. As a result, when one wants to view the night sky, the countryside is the best place to do so. If possible, one should move to a farm or any other place with minimal light interference. This could be an area such a campsite.

Things to View in October

The Night Sky With a Telescope In OctoberThe October night sky is an interesting time to use the telescope. Seven major constellations become visible to the naked eye. These constellations become much clearer with the help of a telescope. In this month, there is also very little cloud cover. This is thus a great time for one to have their telescope.

The Fall Break is also usually during this month. This can be a great opportunity to view the night sky without having to worry about getting up early the next day. The Draconids meteor shower is one of the meteor showers visible during this month. Most of the meteors can be viewed from the point where the constellation Draco. The meteors are spread apart to about ten per hour. As a result, one needs to be very keen and attentive if they want to catch a glimpse of them.

Generally, the Draconids meteor shower is not very bright. The moon will further complicate things. In order to catch a clear view of this meteor shower, it would be a good idea to stay up past midnight when the moon disappears. However, this meteor shower will be most intense in the early evening. Thus, a good location far from the city lights is advisable to get a clear view.

There will also be a supermoon this October. This simply means that the moon will be closer to earth than normal. As a result, the full moon in this month will appear very large. The Native Americans usually referred to it as the Hunter’s Moon. This is because, at this time, most of the game was out grazing and was well fed and easy to catch.

Another meteor shower will also be visible during this month. The Orionids meteor shower is slightly more intense. One can expect to view about twenty meteors per hour. The meteors will be visible from the direction of the Orion constellation. However, they will be visible from other sides of the sky. The best time to view them will be between the twenty-first and twenty-second of October. At this time, they will be the brightest. The best period to view them will be shortly after midnight.


The month of October is always an interesting time for stargazers. This year will be no different. If one is planning a camping trip far from the city, bringing a telescope will not be a disappointment.

Things to Keep In Mind When Travelling Alone

Things to Keep In Mind When Travelling Alone


For any ordinary person, at some point in your life, you will have to travel alone. This can be extremely scary especially if you are travelling to a new place without any connections. However, there are a few things that you can do to ensure that you have more peace of mind.

Things to Remember

The first thing one needs to do is to ensure someone else knows where you are going. They should be aware of the entire route you are going to use and the possible timeline. Unless it is a secret government mission, check in regularly whenever you make a stop. This will help people back home have peace of mind. In addition, in case something goes wrong they can contact the authorities as soon as possible.

Things to Keep In Mind When Travelling AloneHave backup copies of important documents. This can be a real nightmare if you lose all these documents. You might have to spend days at the embassy trying to get help. The best option would be to keep scanned copies in digital format. The best place to store them would be in your email account. In this way, if they get lost, you can just make as many printouts as may be required. These documents will include things like passports and other such documents that can help verify your identity.

Never expose yourself. In most instances, petty thieves will target foreigners since they do not know anybody. In order to avoid this, one should never in a way that they stand out. Try as much as possible to blend in with the locals. This will involve dressing how they dress. In addition, if someone asks if you are travelling alone, never say yes. You should claim that you come her often and that you are with someone. Probably point at a stranger and wave at them.

Always ensure you know your route well. Before travelling, make Google your friend. Search all the known routes and look at as many recent pictures of an area as possible. This will make the area seem more familiar when you arrive. As a result, you will not have to stop every few minutes to look at your map. This is usually a dead giveaway that you are new to an area.

Things to Keep In Mind When Travelling AloneBe very cautious about how you interact with people. Despite the best of effort on your part, a professional scammer will recognize a lone traveler. As a result, you might become the target of a fraud even without knowing. The best way to avoid being had is to watch what you eat. In most cases, they will slip something into your drink or food. Generally, avoid eating by roadside cafes when travelling. Always ensure you carry your refreshment or you eat at reputable establishments.

Never linger in one area for too long. For instance, do not stand at the airport and make long calls home. This is another easy way to make yourself a target.


Safety when travelling alone should be a key consideration. These few pointers should make it easier to make the journey less worrisome. They should also ensure that you get back home in one piece and that your journey is a success.