Shower Head Buying Guide


A relaxed and rejuvenating shower is one of the best things you can have after a long day at work. There are several factors that contribute to a great shower, and one of most important ones is the shower head. A good shower head should have the right amount of shower spray area and water quantity pressure. It should incorporate features and designs that meet your needs perfectly. There are different types of shower heads in the market, these include.

Single head spray

These are the common bulbous and adjustable nozzles that have been in use for many years. These types of shower heads have up to five individual nozzles that help to disperse and distribute patterns of water. A small lever is used to adjust the nozzles and changes the pattern of flow from a wide spray to one that is narrow and concentrated.

Rain showers

These are flat heads that are large. They are mainly suspended right above the user and the spray is directed straight to the person. They are also very common in the market place since they are easily affordable.

Dual and multiple showerheads

These types come with more than mode of showerhead. The shower heads are then controlled by a single system of handles. A common configuration is a showerhead that is fixed and mounted to the wall and then combined with another which is handheld. Both shower heads can be used simultaneously or alternatively through the use of a diverter valve.

Hand held

These showerheads come with a single sprayer attached to a movable or flexible hose. They are very effective in washing those areas of the body that are hard to reach and the hair. Those who shower while seated or those with limited mobility will find these types of shower heads very useful, read more at

Body sprays

Shower Head Buying GuideThese tend to be different from the normal shower heads due to their mode of operation. Since they are fixed into the shower wall, they are either flat, almost at the same level with the wall or compact nozzles. The possible configurations will be determined by the water pressure serving the home.

Shower head reviews

Shower head are available in different shapes and sizes. The manufacturers appreciate that consumers have different tastes and preferences and they therefore do their best to satisfy them with a wide range of products.

Speakman S-2005-HB Shower Head

This is rated among the best shower head in the market today. It is used in most of the five star hotels and resorts in the world. The unit comes with five water jets that are adjustable. This shower head also has the ability to bathe you with 50 individual streams and 8 massage streams. It is made of high quality lightweight plastic. The nozzle is self cleaning and it only requires low maintenance.

Moen S6320 Velocity Shower Head

With a chrome finish that is guaranteed to give you lifetime service without flaking, tarnishing or corroding, this shower head has gained popularity over the years. it can give a calming rinse effect or self pressurized spray, whichever you choose.

Hansgrohe 27474001

Although it tends to be pricier, it is one of the most advanced shower heads in the market today. Its diameter is 95 inches thus giving you wide coverage of the spray area. It is designed with technology that mixes water jets with air thus giving the body a soothing experience.


A good shower head is a prerequisite for a great shower. Shower heads exist in different types and the choice will depend on your preferences.

Gas or Electric Tankless Water Heater

Gas or Electric Tankless Water Heater: Which Option Is Better?


Tankless water heaters have taken over the water heating industry by storm over the past few years. They work by heating the water only when it is required. This could have potentially huge savings for a household. This is because unused water is not left in heating tanks. In short, the system only activates when it is required.

How It Works

The system works through a trigger mechanism. When water starts flowing through the pipes, the tankless water heater immediately is switched and starts a heat exchange system. The heater is fitted with a tiny tank where the heat exchange takes place. This tank’s walls are usually made of copper, which is less prone to corrosion but also has a high heat conductivity.

There are a number of variations to this system. Sometimes, the system work may work from a central point of from several points of use. This will mean installing a heating system at each point where the water is used. The greatest advantage of such a system is that there is no limitation on water use. This means one does not have to wait for someone to take a bath if one needs to do dishes in the kitchen for instance.

Which is the Best?

Gas or Electric Tankless Water HeaterIn most other appliances, it is usually cheaper to operate a gas-powered unit that an electric powered one. However, in a tankless water heater, this does not apply. For one, it is more complex to install a gas-powered model. This means one will definitely need a qualified technician to do the installation. With a more complex installation process, this raises the chances that there might be complications. This would mean extra costs.
Another reason why an electric powered model is preferred is that it is more efficient.

When it comes to a tankless system, it costs less to heat a unit of water compared to using a gas-powered model. This could lead to huge savings over the long term. However, it is important to note that the price of electricity varies greatly from region to region.

When considering the cost of electricity, it is important to remember one thing. A huge percentage of electricity in the country is derived from nuclear power. This type of electricity tends to be very cheap. As a result, it is less prone to shocks in market fluctuations. However, the price of gas is out of the control of the authorities. That means that at times it may go down to the extremes. At times, this price may shoot up. This makes it hard to make a precise budget.

Over the course of the operation, it has been found that electric powered models require almost no maintenance. This is very important when operating any system. A breakdown in the middle of winter, for instance, could have disastrous consequences. Thus in for maintenance sake, it would seem that an electric powered model is the best option.


When considering what type of tankless water heater to use, it is important to put things into perspective. There is no better or worse option, it will all depend on one’s choice and the geographical location.

Keep Your Water Soft and Clean With a Water Softener

Keep Your Water Soft and Clean With a Water Softener


Hard water is water that contains high levels of minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and manganese. If the shampoo or soap does not form lather easily, bathtub has something like a ring, dishes are spotted and the coffee maker has build up of scale, then there are high chances that there are hard water problems in that home. As much as these minerals are naturally occurring and have minimal effects on health, they can prove to be quite problematic on plumbing fixtures and other water related appliances.

Solving hard water problems

The only solution to getting rid of hard water problems is to remove the magnesium and calcium that are in water. Although there are chemical methods to deal with this, the best and most efficient method is using water softeners, read water softener reviews at Home Water Softener to learn more about it. A water softener is a piece of equipment that is attached to the plumbing system in a home. Almost all water softeners apply the same principle of exchanging the minerals with a substance mostly sodium.

Types of water softeners

Keep Your Water Soft and Clean With a Water SoftenerThe most common type of water softener used is the ion-exchange unit, read more about the best water softener reviews over at These are used in most of the homes since they are affordable, easy to use and can be integrated into almost any type of plumbing fixtures. However, there are other designs and technologies available and it is important to understand the differences.

Salt based ion exchange water softeners

This technology uses two tanks to cycle household water. One tank is fitted with special resin beads and the other tank is filled with brine. It applies the principle of ion exchange. The water is softened through substitution of hard minerals with salt.

Salt free water softeners

Instead of using sodium, these water softeners regenerate using a substitute of potassium chloride salt. People worried about salt intake should opt for these water softeners. It is not a typical water softener but more of a descaler. It prevents hard water minerals from depositing as scale to water related appliances. However, it is not a very effective method as compared to conventional water softeners.

Dual tank water softeners

Keep Your Water Soft and Clean With a Water SoftenerWhen recharging a water softener, it disconnects from the system of water to the house. Therefore, no water is processed at this time. These processes are normally set to happen at night when there is very minimal usage of water. If soft water is required during the regeneration period, then it can become a problem. Large families or people living in areas with high concentration of hard water should consider investing in a dual tank unit of water softening. This has two resin tanks. These tanks ensure that water softening is happening round the clock and there can be no shortage of soft water.

Magnetic water softeners

Also called descalers, this is a plug in device that is attached onto the pipe supplying the household from the municipal water. It works through creation of an electro-magnetic field on the calcium carbonate minerals. When this happens, they repel each other and the pipes. Therefore, there will be no build up of scale in the plumbing fixtures.


A water softener will help to keep water soft and clean. There will be no damage to the water related appliances or build up of scale. A person should therefore choose the most appropriate depending on their demand for clean and soft water.

Spring Mattress VS Memory Foam

Spring Mattress VS Memory Foam


Before buying either a spring or a memory foam mattress, it is important to note that spring mattresses are extremely cheap to make. In fact, it cost a fraction of what it costs to make memory foam mattresses. This is the main reason why mattress makers are so desperately clinging onto the technology. Essentially spring mattresses are made of tiny pockets of springy coils. These coils have the tendency to remain in shape, thus spreading weight equally.

Spring Mattresses

Spring Mattress VS Memory FoamFor people who do not have a lot to spend, a spring mattress is definitely the way to go. They also tend to be very firm and do not throughout the entire lifetime of the mattress. This is also the greatest option for people who like sleeping on a no-wobbly mattress. The spring mattress usually comes ready to use, one does not have to wait for it to get into shape. The major downside to spring mattresses is that they cannot be folded during transportation.

This could drastically raise the cost of the spring mattress due to transport costs. In addition, some spring mattresses have a very low lifespan. Normally, if one has kids in the house who jump up and down on the mattress, one may begin to notice the springs pop out. If this happens, the only option is to get a new mattress.

Another major downside to using these types of mattresses is that they offer zero support for sensitive areas. These areas include the neck and lower back regions. If one is already experiencing problems in these areas, a spring mattress does not help at all. In fact, the spring action tends to push against these points. This only serves to worsen the problem. The spring mattress also requires excessive maintenance. It requires that one constantly turn and rotate it regularly.

Foam Mattresses

Spring Mattress VS Memory FoamThe technology used in these mattresses is relatively new. It involves the use of a smart material, similar to that used in some running shoes. The material has properties that react to both weight and heat. The result is the foam mattress becomes molded to the body’s exact contours with precision.

One major advantage of this mattress is the packaging. Sing there are not metallic parts; the mattress can be packed tight into a tiny cylinder. This serves to lower the cost of transportation for the foam mattress. Another advantage of this mattress is that it serves people with joint problems extremely well. The mattress offers full support, especially for people with neck and back pain problems.

One of the major downsides reported with a few of the users of foam mattresses is heat retention. However, makers of these mattresses are responding to this issue swiftly. They install covers on the mattress that absorb perspiration. This issue can be sorted by controlling temperatures with a thermostat in the house.


The foam and spring mattresses each have their own advantages. However, it is quite clear that foam mattresses have the advantage going forward. As they become competitive in terms of price with spring mattresses, it is not foreseeable that people will continue to purchase spring mattresses.