How to Choose the Best Toilet for My Bathroom


Long gone are the days when a toilet was just a toilet. With new technology, the level of innovation has sharply increased. Now toilets come with many options, which can reduce one’s water bill or even increase the level of comfort. Before going out and choosing a toilet, one needs to assess what their needs are. This can make the entire process that much easier.

Points to Consider

The first point one should consider when purchasing a toilet is the water efficiency. Some toilets that are currently in use water very inefficiently. As such, one needs to take their time and inquire about water efficiency. This is especially so if one lives in a place with water scarcity such as California. The best choice for this would be power flushing. This involves combining compressed air and water. When the toilet is flushed compressed air is pushed out, thus the toilet requires less water.

Another point to consider is the height of the toilet. Standard toilets are usually between ten and fifteen inches tall. However, this height does not work for everyone. Some manufacturers, having discovered this offer slightly taller toilets. This greatly raises the level of comfort for people who have a hard time bending.

A seat-closing feature is available in some toilets according to this bathroom guide. This is one of the greatest areas of contention in some households. An atomic seat closing mechanism works to lower the lid if someone forgets to put down the lid. This could be a great way to deal with some of the flare-ups resulting from the use of the toilet.

How to Choose the Best Toilet for My BathroomAnother feature to consider is the double lever option. This another feature developed to conserve water. One uses the smaller lever to flush away liquids. This typically uses less water. The larger lever is used for flushing away solid material.

Comfort is another major consideration when purchasing a toilet. Big people should choose a toilet with a wider rim. In this, they have better comfort when using the toilet. Additionally, one should choose a toilet with a deep bowl if they are huge, this ensures more comfort.

Other considerations that one can take into account include interior design. Some people would like to bring a bit of life into their bathroom. In line with this, they may wish to have a gold plated toilet. However, this is not the only plating option available. There are many designs and patterns one can choose form. It can turn the toilet into an important point in the interior design of the bathroom.

One may also choose a two-piece or one-piece toilet. The two-piece toilet is cheaper but more cumbersome to install. The one-piece toilet involves a setup where the water tank and toilet bowl are fused. The one-piece option ensures there are no crevices where dirt and bad odor can hide. It is the most hygienic option.


Generally, when choosing a toilet, one should consider a few things. Remember a toilet is not just a toilet. Many options can greatly raise the level of efficiency and comfort.