How to Keep Your Home Secure While Travelling

How to Keep Your Home Secure While Travelling?


It is very devastating to return from a memorable trip only to realize that something wrong has happened at home. An apartment or house that is left empty with no one to look over it is a possible target for criminals. Every person should ensure that their homes are secure before embarking on that trip to see the world. It would only take few minutes to undertake basic preventive measures and the home owner can avoid home invasions, power surges, or broken pipes. Here are some few things that can be done to ensure the home is secure when you are away enjoying your trip.

Informing the neighbors

How to Keep Your Home Secure While TravellingAs much as you do not speak much with your neighbors, it is good to inform them if you will not be around for more than a week. If you enjoy good relationships with your neighbor, then you can give them a copy of your key that can be used to access your premises in case of an emergency. Leave them with contact information of someone living around who has your key. However, it is advisable not to share too much information about your travels on social media since some readers might have ill motives.

Use motion sensors and light timers

One of the best ways to deter home invasions is by giving the impression that you are within the premises. A simple light timer and then programming the lights to stay on for several hours each night will create an impression that the house is occupied. It is also good to install motion sensitive lights at the front and back if they are not there already. If they are in place already, it is good to ensure that the bulbs are functioning properly.

Maintaining routine appearance

If you plan to be away for more than a week, organize with your neighbor to sort your garbage bins regularly. Mile should not pile up in the porch too. You can decide to hold mail service delivery for up to thirty days. Uncollected mail on the porch is a sign that the home is not occupied which might attract thieves. The same should apply for the newspapers.

Relocate valuables from windows

How to Keep Your Home Secure While TravellingA few shades might be left open, since an all closed up house might mean the owner is not around. However, the main consideration is what is visible from those open shades when someone peers from the outside. Flat screen TVs and laptops should not be near the windows. Windows can be smashed and then easily stolen by burglars.

Water and electrical appliances

Before you leave, ensure that all taps are securely closed to minimize chances of flooding in your home. It is also good to have a two way water supply to home. With such a system, you shut down the main water entering the house while leaving the second point open for watering the lawns and flowers. Electrical appliances such as toasters should be removed from the sockets to prevent them from electrical surge.


There is never a good time or bad time to go for a trip. The key is ensuring that you keep your home secure with the above tips so that you will find it just the way it was before you left.