Shower Head Buying Guide


A relaxed and rejuvenating shower is one of the best things you can have after a long day at work. There are several factors that contribute to a great shower, and one of most important ones is the shower head. A good shower head should have the right amount of shower spray area and water quantity pressure. It should incorporate features and designs that meet your needs perfectly. There are different types of shower heads in the market, these include.

Single head spray

These are the common bulbous and adjustable nozzles that have been in use for many years. These types of shower heads have up to five individual nozzles that help to disperse and distribute patterns of water. A small lever is used to adjust the nozzles and changes the pattern of flow from a wide spray to one that is narrow and concentrated.

Rain showers

These are flat heads that are large. They are mainly suspended right above the user and the spray is directed straight to the person. They are also very common in the market place since they are easily affordable.

Dual and multiple showerheads

These types come with more than mode of showerhead. The shower heads are then controlled by a single system of handles. A common configuration is a showerhead that is fixed and mounted to the wall and then combined with another which is handheld. Both shower heads can be used simultaneously or alternatively through the use of a diverter valve.

Hand held

These showerheads come with a single sprayer attached to a movable or flexible hose. They are very effective in washing those areas of the body that are hard to reach and the hair. Those who shower while seated or those with limited mobility will find these types of shower heads very useful, read more at

Body sprays

Shower Head Buying GuideThese tend to be different from the normal shower heads due to their mode of operation. Since they are fixed into the shower wall, they are either flat, almost at the same level with the wall or compact nozzles. The possible configurations will be determined by the water pressure serving the home.

Shower head reviews

Shower head are available in different shapes and sizes. The manufacturers appreciate that consumers have different tastes and preferences and they therefore do their best to satisfy them with a wide range of products.

Speakman S-2005-HB Shower Head

This is rated among the best shower head in the market today. It is used in most of the five star hotels and resorts in the world. The unit comes with five water jets that are adjustable. This shower head also has the ability to bathe you with 50 individual streams and 8 massage streams. It is made of high quality lightweight plastic. The nozzle is self cleaning and it only requires low maintenance.

Moen S6320 Velocity Shower Head

With a chrome finish that is guaranteed to give you lifetime service without flaking, tarnishing or corroding, this shower head has gained popularity over the years. it can give a calming rinse effect or self pressurized spray, whichever you choose.

Hansgrohe 27474001

Although it tends to be pricier, it is one of the most advanced shower heads in the market today. Its diameter is 95 inches thus giving you wide coverage of the spray area. It is designed with technology that mixes water jets with air thus giving the body a soothing experience.


A good shower head is a prerequisite for a great shower. Shower heads exist in different types and the choice will depend on your preferences.