Spring Mattress VS Memory Foam

Spring Mattress VS Memory Foam


Before buying either a spring or a memory foam mattress, it is important to note that spring mattresses are extremely cheap to make. In fact, it cost a fraction of what it costs to make memory foam mattresses. This is the main reason why mattress makers are so desperately clinging onto the technology. Essentially spring mattresses are made of tiny pockets of springy coils. These coils have the tendency to remain in shape, thus spreading weight equally.

Spring Mattresses

Spring Mattress VS Memory FoamFor people who do not have a lot to spend, a spring mattress is definitely the way to go. They also tend to be very firm and do not throughout the entire lifetime of the mattress. This is also the greatest option for people who like sleeping on a no-wobbly mattress. The spring mattress usually comes ready to use, one does not have to wait for it to get into shape. The major downside to spring mattresses is that they cannot be folded during transportation.

This could drastically raise the cost of the spring mattress due to transport costs. In addition, some spring mattresses have a very low lifespan. Normally, if one has kids in the house who jump up and down on the mattress, one may begin to notice the springs pop out. If this happens, the only option is to get a new mattress.

Another major downside to using these types of mattresses is that they offer zero support for sensitive areas. These areas include the neck and lower back regions. If one is already experiencing problems in these areas, a spring mattress does not help at all. In fact, the spring action tends to push against these points. This only serves to worsen the problem. The spring mattress also requires excessive maintenance. It requires that one constantly turn and rotate it regularly.

Foam Mattresses

Spring Mattress VS Memory FoamThe technology used in these mattresses is relatively new. It involves the use of a smart material, similar to that used in some running shoes. The material has properties that react to both weight and heat. The result is the foam mattress becomes molded to the body’s exact contours with precision.

One major advantage of this mattress is the packaging. Sing there are not metallic parts; the mattress can be packed tight into a tiny cylinder. This serves to lower the cost of transportation for the foam mattress. Another advantage of this mattress is that it serves people with joint problems extremely well. The mattress offers full support, especially for people with neck and back pain problems.

One of the major downsides reported with a few of the users of foam mattresses is heat retention. However, makers of these mattresses are responding to this issue swiftly. They install covers on the mattress that absorb perspiration. This issue can be sorted by controlling temperatures with a thermostat in the house.


The foam and spring mattresses each have their own advantages. However, it is quite clear that foam mattresses have the advantage going forward. As they become competitive in terms of price with spring mattresses, it is not foreseeable that people will continue to purchase spring mattresses.