The Night Sky With a Telescope In October

The Night Sky With a Telescope In October


The night sky has a lot to offer stargazers. It becomes even better when one has a telescope. Depending on how powerful one’s telescope is, a lot more of the night sky can be revealed than is seen with a naked eye.

Points to Consider

The point to remember before attempting to view the night is light interference. Light can significantly reduce the night sky that is visible even with a telescope, and this astronomy blog does a good job of doing telescope reviews that make sense. As a result, when one wants to view the night sky, the countryside is the best place to do so. If possible, one should move to a farm or any other place with minimal light interference. This could be an area such a campsite.

Things to View in October

The Night Sky With a Telescope In OctoberThe October night sky is an interesting time to use the telescope. Seven major constellations become visible to the naked eye. These constellations become much clearer with the help of a telescope. In this month, there is also very little cloud cover. This is thus a great time for one to have their telescope.

The Fall Break is also usually during this month. This can be a great opportunity to view the night sky without having to worry about getting up early the next day. The Draconids meteor shower is one of the meteor showers visible during this month. Most of the meteors can be viewed from the point where the constellation Draco. The meteors are spread apart to about ten per hour. As a result, one needs to be very keen and attentive if they want to catch a glimpse of them.

Generally, the Draconids meteor shower is not very bright. The moon will further complicate things. In order to catch a clear view of this meteor shower, it would be a good idea to stay up past midnight when the moon disappears. However, this meteor shower will be most intense in the early evening. Thus, a good location far from the city lights is advisable to get a clear view.

There will also be a supermoon this October. This simply means that the moon will be closer to earth than normal. As a result, the full moon in this month will appear very large. The Native Americans usually referred to it as the Hunter’s Moon. This is because, at this time, most of the game was out grazing and was well fed and easy to catch.

Another meteor shower will also be visible during this month. The Orionids meteor shower is slightly more intense. One can expect to view about twenty meteors per hour. The meteors will be visible from the direction of the Orion constellation. However, they will be visible from other sides of the sky. The best time to view them will be between the twenty-first and twenty-second of October. At this time, they will be the brightest. The best period to view them will be shortly after midnight.


The month of October is always an interesting time for stargazers. This year will be no different. If one is planning a camping trip far from the city, bringing a telescope will not be a disappointment.